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The farm boasts of many live bee showcases where visitors can experience live bees in action in their natural environment and one of the farm's main highlights is a specially built showcase of a see-through encased panel of a huge tree that houses a colony of honey bees. Visitors can safely watch the bees in action within the tree showcase from collection of pollen and nectar, honey comb building, honey production and storage, etc.

The farm will have a special area where visitors can encounter first-hand, the thrill of watching an experienced bee-keeper; where live bees are kept, going through the process of bee farming right up to the collection of raw honey. Visitors will be surely amazed by the breathtaking view of bees crowding and layering over the bee-keeper while performing step-by-step task of honey cultivation.

The bee farm also has many educational displays about the variation of bees (stingless bees and dangerous bees) and wasp specimens, their ecological life system, old and modern hives plus many interactive learning stations with pictures, diagrams, audio visual presentation of bees in their role of pollination in flower ecology, honey bee breeding, bee keeping, required tools and equipments, process of extracting raw honey, variety of honey produce and their benefits to mankind. This aspect of the farm will surely play a strong educational factor for the young ones, as they are known to learn better in an interactive surrounding.


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