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A large area dedicated to the exhibition of insects and butterflies whereby visitors can set their eyes on worldwide insects according to size variations. We have displayed showcases, comprising of:

a. Butterflies in Malaysia
b. Insects in Malaysia
c. Colour variation of worldwide butterflies
d. Size variation of worldwide insects
e. Butterflies mimicry
f. Subspecies
g. Strange insects
h. Shining insects

While touring the insect display, visitors would be warmly greeted by a gigantic man-made structure of the famous Three-Horned Rhinoceros Beetle (known to be one of the largest beetles on earth), specially built over the height of an average person, according to scale size ratio. This huge structure, which resembles the beetle intricately, presents a great photographic opportunity for enthusiastic visitors wanting to capture the moment of their tour in the farm.

Another star attraction of a giant structure specially built within the hallways of the insect displays, is a popular beetle known as the ladybird. This huge structure follows the detailed version of a real ladybird down to its colour and spots. This represents another amazing opportunity for a photography session for our visitors.


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