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Visitors can select variety of honey products and plenty exclusive bee and insect - theme souvenirs available in our outlet as unique gifts or own collection.

Here is our top 10 best selling honey in our farm. Kindly approach our friendly happy bee farm personnel for more information.

1. Super Honey
The Super Honey is also known as 7 in 1 Honey due to its combination of seven different types of bee products such as royal jelly, Propolis, bee pollen, bee pupa, bee venom, honey comb and also pure honey. This combination is unique and natural, which makes it one of the best nature's food sources. The combination of be products can help human bodies to build up brain cells, eject toxins and reduce the chances of cancer. This is because the Super Honey is enriched with proteins, active minerals and active hormones. In addition, it contributes to maintaining good health with recommended intake according to nutritional needs.

2. Pure Honey
Pure honey is one of the sweetest foods found in nature that is produced by the honey bees from the nectar of flower blossoms. Pure honey has potent laxative, sedative, antitoxic, antiseptic effects and antibacterial qualities which produce a lot of incredible health benefits that is able to increase our overall body metabolism system while improving immune system activity. All this helps to prevent constipation problems, facilitates the digestion and assimilation of other foods, hastens the healing of wounds, enhances metabolism of the lungs, throat as well as our stomach.

3. Royal Honey
Royal honey is a product mixture of pure honey and royal jelly to produce a better taste as this is because royal jelly does not taste good by itself. As it is the crown jewel among all the bee products and one of the most nutrient creamy and sticky liquid that is produced by the young worker bees (nurse bee), it is able to reduce cholesterol levels, maintain mental alertness, increase appetite, combat dizziness and buzzing in the ears because of its incredibly rich, high-containing amounts of fat and proteins.

4. Propolis Honey
Propolis is a sticky resinous substance that honey bees collect from leaf buds, twigs, tree bark, as well as the plant nectar, using the enzymes which are secreted from the glands in their heads. Some of the benefits of Propolis honey are that it protects against damage of liver cells as well as virus infection, treats cold flu herpes, coughs, rheumatism, fever, respiratory infections and inflammation problems. This product is also suitable for family consumption.

5. Acacia Honey
Honey Dew is also known as Acacia Honey where its nectar is collected from the leaf of the Acacia tree. This product is able to balance up blood sugar level in the body and contains high calcium ingredients that help to prevent osteoporosis diseases. Because of its low sucrose content, it is suitable for consumption for babies and for those with diabetes.

6. Ginger Honey
The ginseng has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The name "ginseng" refers to both American (Panax quinquefolius) and Asian or Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng). Ginseng is sometimes called an "adaptogen," a substance that is supposed to help the body cope better with stress, either mental or physical. The benefits of the honey and ginseng combination are best for blood circulation, nourishing the spirit and its ability to decrease the cold temperature in our bodies. This product is only suitable for adults' consumption.

7. Raw Honey
Raw honey is harvested by Apis Dorsata, the giant bees from natural hives in the wild forests. Mostly, the taste of the raw honey will be different from season to season, depending on the types of wild flowers and plants that the bees collect nectar from. Raw honey contains natural antimicrobial and antioxidant to fight diseases and boost the digestive system. Not only that, it can also help to reduce fatigue, increase body energy and help anaemia diseases as well as low blood pressure patients

8. Tongkat Ali Honey
Tongkat Ali honey is also known as the Malaysian Ginseng. This type of herb contains anti-viral, anti-malarial and anti-cancerous properties that are able to maintain our health, combat high blood pressure and quell dysentery, reduces mental fatigue and exhaustion; improves skin and muscle tone as well as the immune system. It also works very well for men; to help re-establish sexual desire and treat impotence.

9. Bee Venom Honey
Bee venom is well renowned as a kind of medicine that contains complex composition of enzymes, proteins and amino acids. It is a colourless clear liquid, with a sweet taste and a touch of bitterness. Bee venom peptides have systemic action that can bring benefits to our body such as anti-bacterial, anti-pyretic and stimulating vascular permeability. Bee Venom honey is usually used to treat rheumatism, cardiovascular disease and also endocrine disorder problem. It is known to be good for immune system as well as nervous system as it possesses a strong immunological agent and stimulates the body's protective mechanisms against disease.

10. Bee Brood Honey
Bee brood honey is a product that contains pure honey and bee larva that is either a drone bee or a worker bee larva from a bee hive. Its nutrition strengthens up our body immune system and assists the positive Chi energy effect. Not only that, it can improve tinnitus hearing disability and dizziness as well as reducing menstrual pain. Besides that, bee brood honey has also been used to overcome fatigue and to avoid the cold and influenza.



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